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Deliver your projects on time and prevent inventory write-offs.

The UpLogs App is designed for general contractors, technicians, construction builders, manufacturers and facility managers so they can keep up with their projects, work orders and inventory.

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Get the job done on time without inventory write-offs

Whether you are a general contractor, a technician, a chief engineer, a facility manager, or a manufacturing director, using the UpLogs mobile application with your crew will streamline your projects and secure your inventory :

Improve workflow and productivity

Assess the entire operation from top to bottom, looking for areas of improvement, and prioritize critical areas of focus.

Enhance internal communication

Increase in team member connectivity, and drive your workforce engagement. Make information accessible, strengthen connections, and encourage information sharing.

Increase transparency

Have a clear look of the parts and equipment inventory to prevent loss and write-offs, and review the team's workload so you can adjust accordingly.

Reduce Maintenance Backlog

Reduce failure and downtime risk. Eliminate the non-value-added preventive and predictive maintenance tasks. Identify areas of inexperience and provide training.

Minimize downtime

Closely monitor outdated equipment to prevent machinery malfunctions, and schedule equipment services to mitigate their impact. Always have the parts in stock when needed.

Lower maintenance cost

UpLogs helps you to practice good preventive maintenance, train your staff, and spend your equipment dollars wisely. Keep a sharp eye on expenses, and put a stop to inventory write-offs.

Organize and prioritize your projects and tasks

Increase your team efficiency by getting the work done in the right order by assigning each task and work order to your coworkers. Set due dates and level of priority to insure the results meet business expectations and requirements.

Benefits Features
Organize and Prioritize your work

Inform and be informed in real time on progress and hiccups

Document projects and work orders with pictures, videos and audio comments. Attach invoices, quotes, order forms, warranty documents, bonds directly to streamline operations.

Benefits Features
Document work orders and projects with photos and videos

Keep up with your inventory and maximize your balance sheet

Keep track of your all your asset information in one place: equipment and parts. Prevent your inventory to become obsolete, spoils, becomes damaged, stolen or lost.

Benefits Features
UpLogs inventory management

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